Exam Results

A-LEVEL / BTEC Results 2023


A-level and BTEC students at Ernest Bevin Academy in Tooting eagerly arrived to collect their results starting at 8 am this morning!

We take pride in announcing that our results in the A to C range are considerably better than pre-pandemic levels (2018/2019). Additionally, when compared to national results, our A*-A outcomes have shown great improvement.

Many of our students have achieved their expected grades, with several exceeding the anticipated outcomes.

Our top achievers have obtained A* and A grades in their A-levels, and Distinctions in our BTEC Engineering cohort.

As our students embark on the next stages of their academic and vocational journeys, we take great pride in announcing that our students have secured places at prestigious institutions including Russell Group universities, the University of London, the University of Bath, Brunel University, Kingston University and the University of the West of England, among others. They will be pursuing a wide array of subjects including Physics and Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, History, Computer Science, English and Creative Writing, Accountancy and Finance, as well as Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Principal Tracy Dohel had this to say:

“I applaud the resilience and determination of the Year 13 students. They have overcome the most challenging of circumstances, including not being able to sit public exams in Year 11. Throughout this time, they have remained focused and are now deservedly reaping the rewards. Congratulations to them and their teachers, and I wish them all the best for their future success.”

GCSE Results


Today, Year 11 students at Ernest Bevin Academy in Tooting eagerly awaited their results as they formed queues, starting at 9am this morning. 

Many faces were filled with both excitement and apprehension. We are thrilled to announce that our students have performed well in their exams. Many have exceeded their expected outcomes, and others have continued to shine in line with expectations. 

Tracy Dohel, Principal, shared these thoughts: 

It’s wonderful to hear about the positive outcomes and achievements of the students at Ernest Bevin in their GCSE results. Overcoming adversity and surpassing expectations is a true testament to their hard work, dedication, and resilience. The fact that top grades have increased and bucked the national trend showcases the students’ abilities and also underlines the dedication of the teachers, staff, and the entire school community in nurturing a conducive learning environment.” 

Celebrating these triumphs is essential, as it not only boosts the students’ confidence but also serves as an inspiration for others to strive for excellence. 

As last year, numerous students chose to continue their educational journeys with Ernest Bevin, and we are overwhelmed by their trust in our teaching staff to help them flourish and be the best they can be.  


English and Maths at 4+ 72%
 English and Maths 5+ 56.7%
 Progress 8 score 0.25
 Attainment 8 4.79
 EBACC at 4+ 31.7%
 EBACC at 5+ 19.5%


Ernest Bevin (College) Academy Performance data: Click Here for the latest data 


Exam Success 2022


Ernest Bevin College is pleased to report that its first full set of A-level and vocational results since 2019 show some fantastic achievements from students, with many going on to seek exciting opportunities at a range of university courses.

100% of students passed Engineering, with 98% receiving the highest grades
98% of BTEC students received between Distinction* and Pass in their subjects
Many students achieved the highest grades at A-level
Tracy Dohel, Principal of Ernest Bevin College, said: ‘I would like to congratulate our Year 13 students and thank the staff for teaching and supporting them, particularly through the last two turbulent years.

I am proud of the achievements of our students in the first public examinations that they have ever sat. They have shown great resilience and fortitude in their attitude and conduct towards their studies.

I wish each and every one of our students all the best as they take their next steps, and we look forward to hearing from them in the future.’

Students now go on to university across the country to take up a variety of courses, such as Medicine at Cambridge; Aerospace Engineering at Nottingham; Biomedical Science at Brunel; Mechanical Engineering at Bristol UWE; Business Management & Digital Marketing at Manchester; and Computer Science at UCL.


GCSE Results

2022’s GCSE cohort received the highest grades ever recorded at the college. 88% received a level 4 or above in English with 82% receiving a level 4 or above in Mathematics, compared to the national averages of 78% in English and 65% in Mathematics. 100% of single science students also received a level 4 or above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Progress 8 score of 0.34 is one of the highest when compared to Boys progress across other Wandsworth state schools.

Further result successes saw a 100% level 4 and above pass rate in both Engineering and Religious Education, 96% in Computing and 79% in Geography. A total of 165 students sat GCSE assessments, with 77% receiving a minimum of five results between levels 4 – 9.

This is the first time since 2019 that students have sat examinations, with 2020 and 2021 results being based on centred assessed grades.

Tracy Dohel, Principal of Ernest Bevin College, said: “We are just delighted with the absolutely fantastic results of our Year 11 students.

Each and every one of them should be immensely proud of what they have achieved, especially given the backdrop of the last two years.

Well done, and we look forward to continuing the journey with you in the Sixth Form.

I would also like to give a huge thank you to all the staff for their hard work. What a team!”


English and Maths at 4+ / C+ 78.8%
 English and Maths 5+ / C+ 57%
 Progress 8 score 0.34
 Attainment 8 5.18
 EBACC at 4+ 39.4%
 EBACC at 5+ 27.3%

Exam success at Ernest Bevin College Summer 2021


Ernest Bevin College is pleased to report some outstanding achievements by its students in their A levels, GCSEs and vocational qualifications this summer.

In Year 13, three students gained A* in all their A Level subjects and three students scored top grades in their Engineering course.

Students have secured destinations across a range of universities, including UCL, Kings and Queen Mary reading courses such as Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science.

Our Year 11 students were delighted with their results with many securing top grades and being able to move on to their destination courses.

This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and approved and awarded by the exam boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.



GCSE & A Level Results Summer 2020

Despite the disruption that Covid-19 brought to schools and the cancellation of an entire exam season it is important to recognise pupil’s success and celebrate the progress the school is making.

Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) put forward by teaching staff were agreed to be used by the government as the fairest way to award grades in the absence of exams for both A-Level and GCSE students.

GCSE = 186 Students

Compared with the national average for boys, in state funded schools, Ernest Bevin College has again produced an excellent set of GCSE exam results. Entering nearly twice as many boys for the Ebacc (GCSEs in English, Maths, Science, History or Geography and a Language) as the national average, is also a fact to be proud of.

A positive progress 8 score of 0.19, and over half the year group achieving a grade 5 in maths and English.


GCSE Results Average Progress 8 score % EBacc entry % English and maths, grade 5 or above EBacc Average Point Score
State Funded Schools in England 2019 (BOYS) -0.27 34.30% 40% 3.84
Ernest Bevin College 2019 -0.19 57.80% 32% 3.96
Ernest Bevin College 2020 0.19 60.75% 53.76% 4.77

KS4 destinations headlines:

Year 11 2020 2019 2018
Number % Number % Number %
Return to EBC 6th Form 97 52 112 66 130 78
Other 6th form 89 43 55 33 35 21
NEET/unknown 7 5 2 1 1 1
Total 186   169   166  

Resit data

2019- 2020:

15 students passed maths resits out of 38 students. 39.47% pass rate

28 students passed English language resits out of 49. 57.14% pass rate

2018- 2019:

8 students passed maths resits out of 60 students. 13.33% pass rate

7 students passed English language resits out of 53. 13.2% pass rate

A-Level Results 2020 representing 101 Students

The average A-Level grade increased for the 6th Form pupils of Ernest Bevin College, as did the percentage of pupils in each grade boundary threshold. It is important to note that the average grade for the 18 pupils on the Level3 BTEC Engineering cause was a Distinction, and these students will be going to University to continue studying engineering.

Average Grade = C- (D+ in 2019)                               Value Added = 0.33 (-0.28 in 2019)

Total 280 Entries (268 Entries in 2019)

Grades Students  2019 – 2020 % 2018 – 2019 % Difference %
A* – A 36 18.93%% 10% +8.93%
A* – B 93 42.14% 25% +17.14%
A* – C 157 66.43% 45% +21.43%
A* – D 215 98.57% 69% +29.43%
A* – E 260 98.57% 86% +12.57%
U 20 1.43% 14% -12.57%


Congratulations to:

Joel A* A* A Economics at Durham University
Dhruv A* A A Economics at University College London
Rayyan A A A Law with French at Nottingham University
Fred A* A B Computer Science at York University
Jeffrey A* A B Biomechanical Engineering at King’s College University
Zakaria A A B Computer Science at King’s College University
Hudaifa A B B Architecture at Portsmouth University
T. A A B To be confirmed
Usman A B C To be confirmed
Christian awarded a Volleyball scholarship at Essex University to study Sports Therapy


KS5 Destinations

Year 13/14 2020 2019 2018
Number of leavers 151 158 149
Number for university 127 103 108
Number for RG 18 17 23
Number for ST30 21 21 25
Number of apprentices 2 38 22
Number of NEETs 3 2 1
Other destinations Ernest Bevin for retake, FE Colleges, Jobs, Gap Year Travelling

The college offers to support all leavers with subsequent applications, advice and references well beyond the time they leave college.

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